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Adani Ports Technical Analysis [2022]

Adani ports technical analysis
Adani Ports share price technical analysis

Adani Ports Technical Analysis

Adani Ports stock price is having range bound price action for two years in a row now. In these two years, the stock has clearly made an area of support and resistance and keeps moving between these two price bands.

Support Level650
Resistance Level900

Price has tested four times both of the above levels and failed to breakout, there was only once when price did breakout above 950 but could not hold and price is showing signs of weakness from this level.

Right now price is currently holding up at the 100 day moving average and RSI ( relative strength index ) is giving signal of oversold equity.

If prices continue to fall in 2022 price might test primary support level of 650 one more time before rising and starting trend reversal in upside direction.

Failed to hold price support level of 650 or 600 might signal a strong downtrend and price might head towards level of 400 and 350.

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Adani Ports Technical Chart

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