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Tata Power Share Price Target 2023 – Multibagger Share of 2023?

Tata Power Share Price

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TATA power’s share price growth story is very interesting and has recently piqued the interest of large investment firms. TATA power’s share price was 28.30 on 04 May 2020, rising all the way 828% to 277.30 on 11 April 2022.

As of October 7, 2022, the share price of Tata Power had fallen 22.39% from this level.

Using historical price data, as well as tata power financials, company profile, tata power financial ratios, and other fundamental analysis, we will forecast Tata Power share price target 2023.

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We will also use advanced technical analysis techniques and historical volume price analysis to determine the tata power share price target 2023.

Tata Power : Company Profile

Tata Power (TPCL) is India’s largest integrated power corporation with a global footprint. In India, the company has an installed generation capacity of 10,750 MW with a presence in all power sector areas, including fuel and logistics, generation (thermal, hydro, solar, and wind), transmission, distribution, and trading. It has effective public-private partnerships in India in the areas of generation, transmission, and distribution. It is one of India’s leading renewable energy providers (2.6GW operating capacity) and has created the country’s first 4000 MW Ultra Mega Power Project based on super-critical technology in Mundra (Gujarat).

Tata Power has inked a Distribution Franchisee Agreement (DFA) with Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (AVVNL) to supply power to Ajmer consumers for the next 20 years. Its international presence includes strategic investments in Indonesia, including a 30% stake in the leading coal company PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), to secure coal supply and shipping for its thermal power generation operations, and in Bhutan, where it is collaborating on a hydro project with the Royal Government of Bhutan. The business also has a 26% share in an SPV called ‘Resurgent,’ which purchased the 1980MW Prayagraj Power Plant.

Tata Power Share Price Fundamental Analysis

MARKET CAP₹ 70,393.33 Cr.
NO. OF SHARES319.53 Cr.
DIV. YIELD0.79 %
BOOK VALUE (TTM)₹  35.37
CASH₹ 78.55 Cr.
DEBT ₹ 24,708.38 Cr.
EPS (TTM)₹  14.50
ROE 33.76 %
Tata Power Fundamental Analysis

TATA Power Share Holding Pattern

tata power shareholdings
Tata Power Shareholding Pattern

Promoters hold 46.86% of shares and below is the list of promoters –

  1. Tata Sons Pvt Ltd.
  2. Tata Sons Ltd.
  3. Tata Steel Ltd.
  4. Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.
  5. Tata Industries Ltd.
  6. Ewart Investments Ltd.
  7. Sir Dorabji Tata Trust

TATA Power Profit & Loss Table

P&L FactorsMar-18Mar-19Mar-20Mar-21Mar-22
Net Sales7,536.598,255.258,070.1613,169.4811,107.93
Total Expenditure5,185.495,557.736,368.6110,447.519,582.08
Operating Profit2,351.102,697.521,701.552,721.971,525.85
Other Income936.29614.54744.971,301.813,052.01
Exceptional Items-4,437.401,167.99-306.35148.711,503.11
Profit Before Tax-3,244.602,347-92.11441.112,757.80
Provision for Tax-165.82452.46-240.23101.4-492.96
Net Profit-3,150.521,768.70148.12293.522,782.93
Adjusted EPS (Rs.)-11.387.010.551.0610.17
Tata Power P&L Statement

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Tata Power Share Price : Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a method of studying historical price data in order to forecast future price levels. Technical analysis aids in understanding investor behavior and critical price levels.

Technical analysis methods can also be used to understand Tata Power share price target 2023; however, keep in mind that none of the methods described below are 100% accurate; all levels are based on forecasting tools and do not represent a guaranteed price move.

TATA power share price important levels of demand and supply

tata power share price demand and supply
Tata Power Share Price Demand & Supply

Following a significant surge in 2021, the tata power share price soared and closed above the 200 price level, which the stock has been able to maintain since then. Looking at the demand zone, it is evident that the price level of 200 has been a significant demand region for the stock, with the price reaching around this level four times and the stock moving upward.

Price level of 250 is on the other hand acting as a strong resistance level for tata power stock, only once during four attempts prices has been able to cross this level and that one time breakout also did not sustained for more than couple of weeks, this tells us there is a very strong resistance area above 254 price level.

TATA Power Stock Chart Pattern Identification

Tata Power stock chart analysis clearly shows the formation of a rectangle chart pattern caused by demand and supply zones that act as support and resistance levels.

When price congestion is analyzed on a weekly chart, the range time period is almost one year, indicating a very reliable rectangle formation. Typically, the formation of a rectangle after a strong uptrend indicates trend continuation if the breakout occurs in the same direction as the previous trend.

However, if the 200 price level support level is broken, there is a greater chance of a trend reversal.

Tata Power Share Price : VPA ( Volume Price Analysis)

tata power share price and volume
Tata Power Share Price & Volume Analysis

The volume price analysis of Tata Power shares suggests that an accumulation phase is in place, with big players betting on the stock. There has been below average volume most of the time inside the rectangle, but periods of above average volume did result in price appreciation, whereas strong selling phases in between were unable to pull the stock back very far.

Overall, the volume graph is a decreasing curve, which indicates a possible breakout, but in either direction, it would be too early to conclude a positive breakout in terms of volume, so monitoring volume in relation to price is critical hereafter.

TATA Power Share Price Target 2023

tata power share price target 2023
TATA Power Share Price Target 2023
Target Price LevelTarget PriceTarget Price Condition
P1333Breakout and close above 259
T1172Breakout and close below 189
T2135Price Below T1 level secondary target
Tata Power Share Price Target Levels

Live Technical Analysis Signal


  • Tata power is an important stock in energy sector, growing demand of renewables support fundamentals for the stock in near future
  • Tata power share price analysis suggests rectangle chart pattern in formation with declining volume.
  • Stock might be in accumulation phase as suggested by VPA( Volume price analysis)
  • Tata power share price target 2023 can be divided into long and short breakout possibilities.
  • Tata power share price target 2023 long – 333
  • Tata power share price target short primary level – 172, secondary – 135
Author is Senior Technical Analyst
At Bulls Arena Trading
New Delhi


What is the future of Tata Power share price?

Tata power company is one of the leading pioneers in power generation and distribution, with growing demands and limited players in power sector, company is doing well in terms of diversification and adoptability, Tata Power stock has given decent returns to share holders in past and growth outlook looks strong.

Is Tata Power a good buy for long term?

Tata power is good stock to have in your portfolio, however with current valuations, its better to sit tight and wait for right price to enter, as per analysts its bit overvalued right now.

Is Tata Power is fundamentally strong?

Strong management and fundamental principles have always been hallmarks of Tata Group firms, and Tata Power Co Ltd. is no exception. The company is stable, and the financials are solid enough to consider the stock a smart purchase for long-term investing.

References :-

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