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Trading For A Living : Little-Known Facts of Trading 2022

Trading for a living

Trading for a living has been the most interesting part of my journey.

Table of Contents

In this blog I will show you exactly —>>

what it takes to pay your bills with trading & to enjoy life at the same time.

You might seen people getting Rich

Driving crazy cars and buying expensive stuffs– all with trading income.

In some cases it might be true since trading is a well rewarding business but It is important to

But if you dedicate yourself to trading and learn all skills that a trader needs

You might actually end up having enough not only to pay your bills but create a fortune.

Let’s find out how you can achieve financial freedom with trading –

1. Trading For a Living : The Secret

Nobody can give you a secret for trading.

This is the first thing to understand if you want to trade for a living. 

Having understood this fact very well first thing you should do is to stop hitting a search button for  ” secret strategy of making money in markets”,  ” Secret strategy of trading “,  “How to trade with secret profitable system”

The only secret however you need —>>>

I am going to give it to you straight away so that

you don’t waste your precious time.

The secret is – TO SURVIVE

You need to understand that it takes time to learn trading & patience to practice it.

During the practice if you are going to blow your account many times you won’t be able to reach at threshold level – which is required to become profitable.

So survive another day and time will come when you will be making money and thanking yourself for not giving up large amount of your hard earned money during learning phase.

2. Trading For a Living : The Plan

Many Travelers have walked through this path before you, some of them have made it some still searching and many more will be walking after you.

What can you do differently which makes your journey more Successful?

There is nothing you cannot achieve with hard work, dedication and consistency.

If you are resilient enough you will anyhow become a successful trader.

If you have a well planned approach, backups and time it will be much easier to stay in the right course of action.

Plan how much time you want to give yourself before actually making trading to pay your bills.

What are the challenges you already know you might face during the transition period and how you are going to cope up with the uncertainty factor?

If you have a plan in place you will enjoy the process and not get emotionally affected by it.

Strategic Planning and thinking is crucial part of trading success, if you incorporate a sound plan, that’s half the work done for you.

3. Trading For a Living & The 90% Theory

Around 90% of traders lose money – You might have already heard this quiet a lot.

I will not discourage you to give up on your dreams of Trading for a living – just because of the fact that most of the people don’t become successful.

Because this figure of 90% counts everyone who comes trades for month or two and leaves.

You are not trading for fun, you have a long term plan which will ensure your smooth transition into a successful trader who works in markets for a living.

To realize this long term goal work on yourself and forget about theories and facts that are merely represented for people who are not in the game to stay.

4. The Method

Finally, when you have learned that there is no secret to trading.

You have planned well on how you are going to approach the trading.

And you know you have to stick for a while to be able to make it into the 10%

You need a method to Trade for a living.

And this is the most important aspect, which involves a lot of research, but remember you have to try different methods available out there.

Trading setups, strategies , timeframes – find the one which suits you most.

There are many areas in which you have to put a lot of efforts to find out what works for you.

You can take help of our widely available resources to find out what works for you and keep trying until you find one.


Trading for a living is just like any other work which needs skills to be able to earn.

Anything worth pursuing in life requires resilience and hard work.

With trading there are lot of things which you have to find by learning and application, start early and be a proactive learner to have an edge.

Never make a same mistake twice, don’t go for secrets – go for systematic learning.

Never listen to noise listen to your inner voice and most importantly find how you want to trade not how others are trading.




    Rupin Joshi Senior Technical Analyst, Finance Writer, and Trading ExpertRupin Joshi is a seasoned Trading Expert with over a decade of experience. As a prolific Finance Writer, he has authored numerous research papers in Technical Analysis and Price Action. Rupin's insights and strategies have earned him global recognition, including awards in Trading Competitions. Currently serving as the Director at Bulls Arena Trading, he continues to empower traders and investors with his expertise and innovative approaches.

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